लाल बहादुर शास्त्री प्रशिक्षण संस्थान

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Syllabus for Nursery Training Course Eligibility 10+2 PASS Duration One Year
Question Paper No.-1 Child Psychology & Child Development 100 Marks
Question Paper No.-2 rinciples of Education & Child Care Education 100 Marks
Question Paper No.-3 Nursery School Organization & Health Education 100 Marks
Question Paper No.-4 Indian Education System, Structure & Problem 100 Marks
Question Paper No.-5 Teaching Methods & Teaching Aids 100 Marks
(1) Teaching Practical and Lesson Planning (A) Teaching Practice in Nursery School
(B) 25 lesson plans (10 pre-school + 15 1st & 2nd
(B)50 Marks
(2) Art and Craft A) Material Aid for Teaching Charts, clay work, rhymes book, Things with waste material, flash cards, Mask, puppets, colors book etc
. (B) Black Board Writing :Six page of English and Hindi alphabets and number writing In capital and running hand. Five pages of stick-drawing. Five pages of drawing of common objects and fruits Four pages of composition drawing. Preparation of cheap black-board paint and chalk Black-board as an illustrative aid. Use of stencils and multiple chalk-holder on the black board
100 Marks
Child psychology testing Case study of Nursery child
Case study of K.G. child
100 Marks
(4) Internship work: (A) Skill development- conduction music Sessions, drama, puppetry and communication with children/adults.
(B) Health and nutrition, first aid practical.
(C) Organization ability of planning and organization of field Trips, festival celebration, classroom, management.
50 Marks
(5) Assessment Attendance
Conduct Participation
50 Marks
Duration: 1 Year Registration Fee: Rs. 300/- Monthly Charges: Rs. 600 Per Month