लाल बहादुर शास्त्री प्रशिक्षण संस्थान

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Syllabus for Primary Training Course Eligibility 10+2 PASS Duration One Year
Question Paper – I Process of Child Learning 100 Marks
Question Paper – II School Organization and Management 100 Marks
Question Paper – III Health and Physical Education 100 Marks
Question Paper – IV Computer Science Windows & Ms Office 100 Marks
Question Paper – V Environmental Science 100 Marks
Question Paper – VI Subject Teaching (Maths , Social Studies, Science, General Knowledge, Drawing) 100 Marks
Question Paper – VII Language Teaching (Hindi, English, Sanskrit) 100 Marks
Question Paper – VIII Personality Development Practical 100 Marks
(1) Teaching Practical and Lesson Planning (A) Teaching Practice in Primary School
(B) 25 lesson plans[I-V] (10 pre-school + 15 1st & 2nd
(B)25 Marks
(2) Art and Craft (a)Poem File
(b)Story File
(c)Flash Card,Opposites,Gender,NUmber
(d) Blac Board File
(e) Charts
(f) Things made with waste Material
25 Marks
Child psychology testing (a)Case study of [I-V]
(b)Health and nutrition file and First Aid Box (c)Computer File
50 Marks
(4) Internship work: (A) Skill development- conduction music Sessions, drama, puppetry and communication with children/adults.
(B) Health and nutrition, first aid practical.
(C) Organization ability of planning and organization of field Trips, festival celebration, classroom, management.
50 Marks
(5) Assessment Attendance
Conduct Participation
50 Marks
Duration: 1 Year Registration Fee: Rs. 300/- Monthly Charges: Rs. 600 Per Month